A "SWEET" Election @ Washington Thursday!

A "SWEET" Election @ Washington Thursday!

Fri, 11/17/2017 - 16:06
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The annual  Candy Bar Election took place Thursday at Washington Elementary. Perhaps one of the "SWEETEST" elections you could ever participate in and more than likely be at least content with either winner...in other words, not a typical election. :)

This year pitted the ever infamous SNICKERS BAR vs the ever infamous HERSHEY BAR! Washington Elementary students participated in the election process, they had Registration Cards they filled out, they had ballots to fill out, they could even write-in another choice if they so desired. Pretty much like a real election including the "I VOTED" sticker at the end!

Mr. Bob Meyer's 4th graders at Washington conduct this annual exercise so as to teach the young Mustangs the voting process so hopefully all will take part in at age 18 and beyond. You ready for the results? Here we go:

SNICKERS was declared the winner with 72 votes. HERSHEY kind of a distant 2nd with 53 votes. There were "2" write-ins for Reeses and "1" for Butterfinger.

Congratulations to SNICKERS on it's big win - anxious to see who SNICKERS selects for its' Cabinet....stay tuned - you know it'll be SWEET! :)