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Familiar Christmas Characters Visit Lincoln!

Familiar Christmas Characters Visit Lincoln!

Mon, 12/18/2017 - 18:43
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Some very well known individuals (or perhaps official representatives thereof), visited Lincoln Elementary Monday morning with bags of presents and volumes of wisdom for the young patriots to endear and to hear. 

Santa Claus and his wife made their annual appearance and after a question and answer period with some pretty tough questions, Santa and Mrs. Claus shared their bags of goodies with all the youngsters in their midst. Many of the questions were interesting and quite analytical. "Santa's" answers were remarkably honest, humorous and well accepted.

Santa updated everyone on his reindeer, even revealed the ages of a couple...did you know Blitzen was over 200 years old, nearly 60 years older than Rudolph! Not to worry, they both will be in action in just a few days (or nights) and they all look forward to their journey around the world.

Thank you Santa, Mrs. Claus - the spirit of "GIVING' is enhanced because of you, a lesson in life for us all and of great value.  MERRY CHRISTMAS!!