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Patriot League Spelling Bee Held @ WMS!

Patriot League Spelling Bee Held @ WMS!

Wed, 01/15/2020 - 21:27
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The Patriot League Spelling Bee was held Tuesday afternoon at Wellington Middle School. Individuals from Clearwater, Rose Hill, Haysville West, Mulvane, Prairie Hills (Buhler), and of course Wellington participated - here are the outcomes for both 7th and 8th grades - CONGRATS TO ALL!!

7TH GRADE (29 participants)
1st Place - Lilith Rourke / Rose Hill
2nd Place - Ava Markley / Rose Hill
3rd Place - ROME HUNT / WELLINGTON woo-hoo!!! :)
4th Place - EMMA AMREIN / WELLINGTON woo-hoo!!! :)

5th Place - Abigail Stork / Haysville West

8TH GRADE (23 participants)
1st Place - Beka Craddock / Rose Hill
2nd Place - KATE HAINES / WELLINGTON woo-hoo!!! :)
3rd Place - Ava Lewis / Clearwater
4th Place - Taytelyn Chung / Rose Hill
5th Place - Gabe Parker

Great Job Rome, Emma & Kate! Way to represent KNIGHTS!! :)