USD 353 Enrollment Continues @ Individual Schools

USD 353 Enrollment Continues @ Individual Schools

Wed, 08/09/2017 - 01:09
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UPDATE: District-wide enrollment at WHS has concluded. Enrollment continues at the individual schools as Day 1 approaches! (Aug. 22nd!) :)

USD 353 District-Wide enrollment commenced on Tuesday
at Wellington High School for all Wellington schools. Doors were open from 9AM - 1PM and then again from 5PM - 8PM. Enrollment is on slate at WHS on Wednesday as well, doors will be open from 9AM - 1PM.

Patrons can pick up their Casino Reward Cards as well through 1PM on Wednesday.

Tuesday's turnout was good, some lines did form but appeared to move relatively quickly.


The first day of school is slated for Aug. 22nd and that first day at WHS will be a little different than from years' past. On the 22nd, Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors will report at 8AM and stay until 11AM. Freshmen will report for orientation at Noon and that will run through 3:05PM. New Students are asked to report when their class reports.

Both Breakfast and Lunch will be served but will be more of a grab and go style on the 22nd at WHS. Buses will also run at the beginning and end of each session. 

Attendance will be taken.