"MUM'S" the word in WHS Horticulture Class!

"MUM'S" the word in WHS Horticulture Class!

Thu, 10/12/2017 - 20:19
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Four of the boys from the Horticulture class planted mums in the raised bed that was built by the Advanced Ag Welding students last year.  On one side the bed says Horticulture and the other side reads WHS with two Crusader heads on it.  The fall mums will help to brighten up the building as you come in.  The other students in the horticulture class were busy pulling weeds and getting the greenhouse ready for the spring.  

The boys pictured are John Hart, Dakota Dry, Jared Oathout and Luke McComb.  There are 16 students in the horticulture class. 

Remember to get your spring plants and vegetables from the greenhouse when we open in April!  If you have any special requests please let us know!  We are going to be starting some perennials for the spring. 

If you like stuffed hot peppers, but don't like your mouth on fire, try our Mexi-Bell Peppers in the spring!  They were great for stuffing and just enough heat to let you know they were hot peppers!