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SPECIAL K Spotlights the Day!

SPECIAL K Spotlights the Day!

Sun, 02/11/2018 - 12:28
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The Wellington High School Special K Basketball squad saw HOME action Friday, hosting a team from Derby in front of a packed gym of fans and supporters for both squads. Wellington has "2" squads that rotated in and out, the RED team and the WHITE team - let's meet the athletes!


#55 - Andrew "Stretch" Clark
#32 - Michael "Bull" Clark
#40 - Curtis "The Enforcer" Holloway
#33 - Cristin "Cowgirl" Holloway
#20 - Jerren "The Foreman" Foreman
#05 - Alisa "LiLi" Walter
#30 - Logan "Cowboy" Winger


#30 - Drake "Dragon" Alcorn
#55 - Jacob "Subzero" Logan
#32 - Ashlyn "Rock Chalk" Sparks
#22 - Ana "The Cleaner" Sparks
#24 - Kyle "Spiderman" Atkinson
#50 - Jessie "Sonic Force" Russell
#03 - Mallory "Pinkie" Parsons
#12 - Evan "Quick Silver" Lansden


Ian King, Skylar Troutman, Delaney Parkey, Abby Hibbs and Gabe Smith

Most of the WHS student body was on hand, the WMS 6th graders walked to the HS to be part of the fun, the cheerleaders, the band - just an awesome event. The crowd erupted after every shot (regardless of which team was shooting), it's a great event all the way around. 

Oh, almost forgot - the final score was 46-32....the winner? Everyone that was there.