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Graduates Greet Eagles / Guests Share Their Stories

Graduates Greet Eagles / Guests Share Their Stories

Wed, 04/25/2018 - 23:13
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At Wednesday's Character Trait Assembly at Eisenhower Elementary, the students commenced the day, traversing through a 2+ hallway FAN TUNNEL made up of soon to be graduates at WHS in May! Several of those graduates had actually attended Eisenhower as  young students themselves, so for them, the cycle was completing. For the young Eagles, exposure to success of others who came down the same paths as they, can't be a bad thing at all, and it wasn't.

The early morning program continued with a visit from Eisenhower and WHS 2010 Graduate Jeremy Edwards, who for the past 2-3 years has performed missionary work in INDIA and is home (for the first time in over a year) for just a few weeks and was invited to stop by the Eagle's nest this day, to share story and song and he did exactly that. He spoke of the differences in cultures (India vs US) but emphasized many things that are similar. One of Jeremy's message was clear and would prove to be the theme for the day, "Something being different doesn't necessarily make it bad." Jeremy possesses a great stage presence, spoke meaningfully with the kids and sang superbly with them as well. 

The program also included two gentlemen, confined to wheel chairs, but who's lives are basically, much like any of the other folks present. Again, being different isn't necessarily bad. Casey Ratzlaff, a 19 yo from Wichita and Nick Taylor, spoke of their lives, Casey mentioned more than once, he grew up thinking he was like everyone else and he pursued and dreamed of doing and does the things others do. He has played tennis all over the world and hopes to participate in the Paralympics in 2020. Both gentlemen demonstrated their tennis skills and mobility, and both clearly demonstrated the power of positive outlook and attitude.

Students of the Month for April were also announced. Watch for those soon. Great day for the Eagles!