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WMS's Jaxson Irey Wins Sumner Co Spelling Bee!

WMS's Jaxson Irey Wins Sumner Co Spelling Bee!

Thu, 10/11/2018 - 03:43
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Congratulations to WMS 8th Grader Jaxson Irey! Jaxson finished in first place today at the Sumner County Spelling Bee held at WMS. Coming in 2nd was WMS 6th Grader Rachel Ewing! Congrats to both Rachel and Jaxson - WAY TO REPRESENT KNIGHTS!!

Nearly 3 dozen 6th-8th graders from Argonia, Belle Plaine, Caldwell, Conway Springs, Oxford, and South Haven participated in the competition. Some very sharp students present Wednesday for the event at WMS. Cynthia Tracy is the organizer of the "Bee", Carol Hadorn was the reader. Stephanie Frazier, Nicholle Blake and Mark Farley, the judges.

Way to go Jaxson! Way to go Rachel!

The word Jaxson spelled correctly to win the "BEE" was "sagacity". When asked if he had ever heard the word before, he said, "no, I just sounded it out and spelled it how I thought it would be spelled." Well done Knight!

Other Wellington students participating in the "BEE" were Rahlee Colwell, Lance Thompson, Reid Walker, Lyndi Barton, Brodee Lough, Christian Santiago, Mackenzie Dwyer, Tanner Farrington, Claire Jenkins, Levi Calhoun.