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WMS Leadership Team Shopped for Angel Tree Kids Sunday!

WMS Leadership Team Shopped for Angel Tree Kids Sunday!

Mon, 12/09/2019 - 22:13
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The WMS Leadership Team spent some time Sunday afternoon at Wal*Mart, shopping for Angel Tree kids for Christmas. This isn't the first year the group has done this, (in addition to collecting large amounts of food for the Wellington Food Bank)! Awesome bunch!

WMS Leadership Team

Members present at Wal*Mart on Sunday were Jack Stalcup, Carley Hamilton, Riddick Jeffries, Luke Swingle, Karsyn White, Sadie Camblin, Maverick Peterson and Ronin Hurt. The students were shopping for "2" 13 year olds. Mrs. Terri Driskell and Mrs. Kristin White accompanied their Leadership Team members for the Sunday occasion. Kudos to all - a great feeling to give to others!