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Tue, 05/19/2020 - 18:16
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UPDATED 052620

We have been given clearance by the State and Local Health Department to start outside conditioning the week JUNE 1ST. This is for high school students "to be" only, Park at the middle school and meet at the track. Students will be divided into groups of 15 or less. This will run from 7am-8am, June 1st-5th. Students will not be allowed inside any school building or facility during this week, and are not to hang out in the parking lot, or at the track afterwards.

(Updated 05.26.20)

Key points from the plan

We will start PSQ when we are in Phase 3 of the reopening plan, which right now is scheduled for June 15th

For the first two weeks we will only have high school students coming to PSQ

Phase 3: June 15th-26th: High School only

1.) Adhere to social distancing guidelines established by the Governor and Sumner Co. Health Department. (PHASE 3) 

a.) Mass Gatherings of no more than 90 individuals are allowed. 

We will limit 30 people max in each location: (weight room, main gym, aux gym) or conduct conditioning outside to help maintain social distancing

b.) Maintain 6 ft. of social distancing with only infrequent or incidental moments of closer proximity. 

2.) Adhere to KSHSAA Guidelines 

a.) Physical activity includes any warm-up, stretching, conditioning and weight-lifting activities. June 15 - June 19 athletes are limited to a maximum of three hours of physical activity per day. June 22 - June 26 athletes are limited to a maximum of five hours of physical activity per day.

 b.) Organized competition sanctioned by an outside organization or between students from different schools shall not take place during this time. 


During this time we will be following these procedures

General Sanitation Guidelines

1) All student-athletes/staff will enter & exit from the same place each day. (Please use the glass doors on the west side of the school by the weight room) 

2) Student-Athletes/staff that have any symptoms (fever, cough, etc) should stay home 

-Everyone that attends conditioning during the first two weeks will have their temperature taken, anyone who has a temperature of 100.4+, or known illness, will be excluded pending clearance from a medical professional.

3) Spray sanitizing solution/towels will be present to clean all equipment used. 

4) At the conclusion of each workout session and before the next workout session all equipment will be cleaned & sanitized under the supervision of the coaching staff. 

5) Communicate with the custodial crew each day after inside facilities have been used to guide disinfecting procedures. 

6) Students and staff will only be allowed in the weight room, gyms, the locker rooms will be only for restroom emergencies and not a place to hang out. 

8) All student-athletes/staff will apply hand sanitizer prior to the workout as well as prior to leaving the facility. 

9) Once workouts are completed, student-athletes need to vacate the premises immediately. Student-athletes will not be allowed to gather around the facility or parking lot. 

10) Attendance is voluntary for staff and students.


Starting during the Phase Out plan, which is scheduled to be on June 29th, we will add back in middle school and elementary students 

Phase Out: June 29th- August 15th

1.) Adhere to social distancing guidelines established by the Governor and Sumner Co. Health Department. (PHASE OUT) 

a.) Maintain social distance when applicable. 

2.) Adhere to KSHSAA Guidelines 

a.) Strength and Conditioning, sport specific instruction, organized competition and one-week school coach team camps may begin. 

b.) Basketball programs may not hold team camps from August 3 - August 16. 

c.) Football - 7 on 7 and 5 on 5, one week coaches team camp (helmet only) are permitted 

d.) Football - August 3 - August 15 coaches can continue to conduct football related activities, one week team camp (helmet only), strength and conditioning, and one team vs. team camp (must be conducted by a third party and a maximum of two days), including college contact camp, is permitted.